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Off-Cut Soap Bundle & Sisal bag- 400g

Off-Cut Soap Bundle & Sisal bag- 400g

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Our handcrafted natural soaps in an off cut bundle!

400g & Sisal Bag 

Please note- We have recently changed our soap from natural mineral mica colors to plant based infusions & extracts. We have some of our original range of soaps that will be going into our off cut boxes. You will receive a mix of both these and our new soaps. Two tick lists will be included to show you what you have in your box!

When we make our soaps, we pour the mixture into slab moulds where they stay overnight to saponify. We then cut these into our soap bars. When we cut the bars from the loaves we have left over slices, which are too small for a normal bar but too good to be thrown away! 

We have cutting errors or bars a little underweight which we include in our boxes too! A variety of thinner off-cuts, chunky soaps and soap sticks. If it didn’t quite meet the mark for sale (same great ingredients) we bundle them up for our boxes!

We include a sisal soap saver bag, perfect for putting your off-cuts in for an exfoliating shower or even just a place to store your soaps! These bags create extra soapy suds!

A great way to have a surprise soap bundle and try a variety.

These will be off cut ends, miss matched shapes, and not perfectly smooth, but are lovely soaps none the less! Your box of soap suds will not be the same as shown in picture. You will receive a variety of our soap off-cuts.

Please see the individual soap listings for a full list of ingredients and naturally occurring allergens from the essential oils. We will include a card showing you what is inside your box!

Rinse off product.